"Shooting with Brynn was such a seamless experience and the ultimate in professionalism.  She and her production assistant Andy made me feel right at home from the get-go.  Her easy-going nature and openness to taking creative risks in the shoot made it so easy for me to accomplish what I had envisioned for my photos.  She had me laughing throughout the day and I love how off the wall she is willing to be…  We even backed my truck right into her studio for one of my looks!  She’s got a great eye for composition and capturing just the right moment/emotion/expression.  Not only that, but the turnaround time for getting my photos back was SO quick!  I could not sing her praises enough and I highly recommend her for your headshots and/or music promo shots!"

"The photo session went great. She’s extremely professional, has a great personality and a lot of fun to shoot with.!I was amazed at the quality & how good the pictures looked when I received them. She has a way of making your eyes really pop and stand out, being the main focus of the picture… I’ve been acting for a long time and have had a lot of headshots taken throughout the years
and I can honestly say these are some of the best.

The hard part was narrowing them all down to a few of the best ones because there were so many great ones!"

-Mike Brown, Actor

"I had the most fun shooting with Brynn. Her energy and creativity really helped the shoot go in the direction that I needed it to go! Plus she is cute as a button! I have referred a couple of my entertainment friends to her and she captures them every time by going above and beyond to get the shot. I look forward to working with her again. Get in there now before she blows up and you can't afford her."  

-Leigh Cara, Musician

-Lydia Robinson, Comedian

"Brynn is a creative genius. Those pictures you see on her website? Your pictures will look that good and more. I was so relieved that she was everything I was hoping for in a photographer. Kind, professional, and creatively open. If I had a concern or wish she took it and ran with it, making it so much more than I could have envisioned. You will be in awe of her spirit."

-Jenna Amundson, Actress

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Due to Covid, I am currently not booking photo sessions. Please check back in the fall for updates.Stay healthy, stay safe,and be kind.

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